Softball Pitching MachineGreat baseball and softball pitchers are often revered. Pitching (well) is an important skill to have in both sports. Having a great pitcher on your team can be the difference between winning and losing. As such, coaches and pitchers themselves tend to develop both baseball and softball training drills that can help the pitchers in their team pitch faster, harder, and overall more effectively.

Of course there are many traditional ways that coaches and their pitchers can carry out these drills that are geared toward improvement. There are also methods and drills aided by technology and first world patented equipment that can help speed up the effectiveness of these drills and subsequently the progress of the athlete. On the flip side, there are also drills and equipment that not just help to build great pitchers, but also help to build great hitters who can match the veracity of the greatest pitchers around. One such piece of equipment is the Sling Pitcher machine. This machine is a manually operated patented pitching machine that throws baseballs up to 70 miles per hour, and softballs up to 50 miles per hour.

More About The Sling Pitcher Machine

The Slinger Pitcher machine not only throws baseballs at very high speeds, it also throws flyballs of up to 150ft (baseballs) and 125ft (softballs), and includes the flyball arms. Best all, the machine is convenient and easy to carry as it is lightweight and portable, as it comes complete with a specially designed carrying bag that allows for easy travel. This machine is very practical to use. Being a manual machine, the Slinger Pitcher is not electricity or battery operated and can therefore be used anywhere. The machine comes complete with extra elastics and 12 complementary lightweight balls that can be used for practice. As for storage, this machine is not bulky, and it folds. Therefore, it stores easily.

Getting Your Own Slinger Pitcher Machine

Slinger Pitchers are available for order at most major online stores and some local chains/outlets. They are cost effective and durable. This machine pays for itself several times over as it is built to last. Place your order today!