Soft LED kitchen lightingThere are many ways to light a kitchen; numerous design possibilities and products. It is not necessary to install overly bright or sterile fluorescents that make you feel unwell after an hour of food preparation and cooking. You still need good lighting and you would probably love it if your bulbs were efficient too. Consider LED kitchen lighting if you are still using traditional bulbs.

The initial cost of LED bulbs is marginally more at the outset, but remember they last much longer and cost far less to operate than even CFL bulbs. Since they are so much more efficient than any other kinds of bulbs, they are far less expensive to run. They last much longer, meaning you are going to be less wasteful. Their efficiency allows them to burn cooler so they are far safer too, while they tend to be more durable than ordinary lights. Plus they do not contain any mercury so they are much safer.

You will appreciate the warmth of the lighting. Although you can choose a style that is perfectly bright enough for the area where you do most of your chopping and slicing, the clean adjustable light will still be just right, not a glare that makes your eyes hurt.

Two of the most convenient forms of LED kitchen lighting are strip lighting and long, narrow lamps. LED bulbs are very small so they lend themselves to either format. A lamp can be built into a ceiling or wall sconce, suspended from your ceiling to a desired height, or supported from the counter upwards and designed to hang slightly away from the wall. You get the light exactly where you want it in every instance.

Warm white light is not just for practical purposes like as cooking. You might like to install LED strip lights in areas of the kitchen where there are items for display. Install them inside the glass cupboard where you keep your china or above an antique appliance. Place them along the bottoms of cupboards to offer a welcoming, guiding presence late at night. Strip lights are flexible so you can adjust them to take a corner or a curve. They are also flat, so the fixture disappears while its glow shines through. Strip lights are also helpful in the dark recesses of a deep cupboard, such as your Lazy Susan, where bottles and jars have a tendency to hide.

For areas of the kitchen that get wet, such as right behind the sink, there are waterproof strip lights. Gain that extra feeling of security knowing that your LED kitchen lighting will not shatter if exposed to cold water, or cause an electrical accident. Use these to enhance a water feature in your kitchen or somewhere else in your home such as a soothing indoor fountain.