The doohickey on your KLR650 is not an imaginary part, but is part of the system that balances the chain on your bike, and there are a couple of different options for this setup. The main two are a coil spring or tension spring system. Each of these have their own benefits depending on your preferences. Here is a comparison of the KLR doohickey options for your bike:

Coil Spring Idler Arm Systems For Your Bike

One of the options that you have for your doohickey is a coil spring system. This is a common solution for idler arm systems on cars and motorcycles. It is a system that uses a series of coil springs to operate the doohickey. The coil spring system can give you the benefit of being able to adjust tension for better performance but can fail if one of the springs fail. In addition, since there are usually at least two springs, there is also more of a chance of failure.

Torsion Spring Idler Arm Systems For Your Bike

The other option you have for the chain balancer system is a tension spring system. These are doohickeys that use a single spring to control the doohickey. The downside of a tension spring is that it is a fixed tension and does not allow for much adjustment. The advantage of a tension spring doohickey is that there is only one spring, which means that there is less chance of failure. Also, if you use a tension spring and want to adjust it, there are after market springs that you can use to change the tension of the doohickey, but it is important to remember that you will need to replace the gaskets each time you may an adjustment.

These are a couple of the options if you need to replace the doohickey on your KLR650. You can contact to get the doohickey and other parts that you need for maintenance and repairs to your bike. When you change the doohickey on your bike, there are going to be some other parts that need replacing. You will want to have the inner and outer gaskets.