Reams of print and several hours of TV time have been devoted to driving home the point about LED lighting’s energy saving potential, as well as the fact that these lights tend to just go on and on, unlike the earlier fluorescent lamps. There are however certain lesser known facts about the LEDs that adorn your house that you may not be aware off. Knowing them will make you an even bigger fan of LEDs.

Instant light
Ever noticed how LED lights come on with 100% light the moment they are switched on, which is not the case with most of the fluorescent lamps. In fact, with the later there are instances when you need to wait for as long as three to four minutes for the full brightness to light up your rooms. No such need with the LED. Switch on and voila! What have you? Enjoy the rooms of your house come to life in an instant.

‘Smart’ lights
In this day and age of smart technologies, can LED lights be far behind? The new age control systems that come these days enable dimming of LED light output by as much as 10 per cent, something that was until now unheard of with fluorescent. This option gives you to the freedom to customize the light pattern around your home according to your wish.

No IR Emissions
While almost everyone knows that LED bulbs are energy efficient and environment friendly, not many know that they don’t emit harmful infrared (IR) or ultraviolet radiation (UV). In fact, you will be surprised to know that in the case of incandescent lamps less than 10 per cent of the electricity is actually converted into light. A good majority of the energy is converted into UV and IR. With LEDs, you need not worry about such emissions inside your home since the amount of IR or UV emissions with them is almost negligible.

Chilled out
Unlike the case with incandescent lamps, LEDs just seem to love the cold environment. They don’t require a higher voltage to start at low temperatures unlike the former. In fact, with them it is the opposite. Their performance jumps as temperatures reduce. This makes them the right choice for the refrigerator inside your house or for the lighting around your garage outdoors.